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The Food Tour Business has serious profit potential and low overhead while being a fun, engaging fit to any lifestyle. Fueled by millions of people across the world who choose their travel destinations based on food alone, Food Tours satisfy natives and visitors appetites for great food, authentic “local” experiences and cultural insight into a neighborhood’s history.

Starting a successful tour business requires strategy, hard work, a fun-loving personality and robust products that keeps customers talking. Capitalize on this emerging industry with a Food Tour in your city while building a valuable brand & success story.


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Our Services provide the tools to help you with:

  • Getting Started: Developing everything from the big picture to the tiniest details of execution
  • Better Tours: Creating a mature, scalable tour experience that generates positive reviews
  • Simple Resources: Providing clear insight into the complex business processes & operations
  • Professional Guidance: Leveraging experience & proven strategies within a structured Training
  • Manage Growth: Achieving key business milestones and seizing new revenue generators

2-Day Course

for New Business Owners

2-Day Course for New Business Owners

Food Tour Pros incorporates its vast experience, marketing strategies & business processes into step-by-step modules that you will can replicate in a Food Tour Business anywhere in the world.

The 2-Day Course includes both Classroom and Hands-On Training within a limited class size to ensure you get the personal attention and detail required to succeed with your business.

3-Day Course

for New Business Owners

3-Day Course for New Business Owners

Leveraging our simple tools and seasoned expertise, the 3-Day Course for New Business Owners covers the entire 2-Day New Business Owner Course curriculum and contents.

It also offers anyone new to Culinary Tourism the benefit of a full additional day to focus on Business Ownership & Tour Management, in addition to our valuable Long Term Marketing Strategies.

2-Day Course

for Current Business Owners

2-Day Course for Current Business Owners

Food Tour Pros enables existing food tour owners and operators a one-on-one, two-day Training Course with no additional attendees directly in your business location.

Food Tour Pros will tailor the Course specifically to meet your business needs and goals while applying practical wisdom and expertise first-hand to help take your Food Tour Business to the next level.

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